Vision and Values


We strive to be the largest manufacturer of steel and plastic building products within the East African Community, through adopting the most modern technology, employing a professionally trained workforce and complying with the highest international standards to deliver the best quality products to the market.

The power of an organization’s vision lies, not in the phrasing of the words thereof, but in how the said vision accurately reflects the concerns of the various stakeholders and in how much it is embodied in the behavioral patterns of the entire workforce .


Means to exist, to live. We live for the above vision; it’s what every employee of Roofings Group clocks in daily for and what we shall by no means turn away from until we achieve.


Our production capacity has increased steadily since Roofings Limited’s inception in 1995, and is set to expand further to meet the requirements of the newly integrated political boarders. We are not after product volumes, but total customer satisfaction, as the range of products in our catalogue testifies.


We manufacture steel and PVC building products; roofing sheets, hollow sections, steel plates, galvanized wire, irrigation and plumbing pipes—things like that. If it’s about forks and knives, don’t come to us.


Also referred to as ‘The Great Lakes region’ of East Africa, nations like ours go by various names, the latest being ‘Emerging economies’. We are quickly recovering from years of suppression, mismanagement, trauma and decay. The chains are off, and our people are making great strides in development. Buildings, roads, bridges, houses, stadiums are springing up everywhere and Roofings Group is up for the challenge. Wherever the need for building products arises, we shall be there.


The processes we engage in require precision and an extensive knowledge of the behavior of certain chemical and mineral elements. Our workforce must be in position to address these concerns professionally. Our products are used in sensitive situations where quality and durability standards are of great essence; and this too falls to our workforce to ensure. To these professional skills they must incorporate key elements of social behavior and personal management in order to produce the unit required to push our vision.


It comes at a steep monetary cost and requires high technical competence to operate effectively. However, new technology means better quality products, time and cost efficient production and higher environmental awareness. For that reason, we shall keep investing in, importing and installing modern machinery.


Any corporation without a clear environmental preservation policy must never be allowed to operate. The profit principle alone cannot ensure the future of industry, for this relies heavily on whether the local and global climate shall be in adequate position to sustain mankind and our actions on the land 10, 50, 100 years from now.

Roofings pursues clear environmental goals relating to process and product management and supports environmental causes generated by stakeholders outside our immediate fold.

In our vision, we envisage a world where communities, corporations and the environment prosper from each other, not in spite of one another.


In the pursuit of vision and mission, it is the continual application of set values that determines how successful we can become.

Roofings Group is established on the values of Integrity, Quality, Customer service and satisfaction, Creativity and innovation.

Integrity is not being right all the time, but rather, all the time acting out of the right motives. Sincerity, transparency, care and equality are the key to earning trust with our customers, employees, shareholders and the community. To maintain integrity, we strive to root out selfishness from every aspect of our being.

Quality shall be maintained at all times. Process and product policies must always synchronize with set standards, as must our relations with the individual stakeholders. At Roofings’, quality goes home with you, is reflected in what you say or do, and you pass it on everywhere.

Sustainability is pursued first by applying national and international quality standards for workplace health/safety and environmental awareness. And secondly, through internally designed strategies which address recognized needs with appropriate keenness.

Customer service and satisfaction is our primary aim. The customer comes first. We research, we invest, and we innovate and produce— all to ensure that our customers’ product/service requirements are met adequately. With us, the customer really is king.

Creativity and Innovation are what keeps us ahead of our competition. Our workforce is encouraged to think outside the box, and we've given them the mandate to pioneer new working models to improve the technological and technical aspects of our operations.

We emphasize commitment to self motivated work through:

•    Providing training and development, as well as other needs to the organization’s workforce.

•    Assessing the contribution of each employee towards the achievement of overall corporate objectives.

•    Managing employee growth through competence evaluation and climate surveys across all departments in the organization.

•    Retaining key persons, continuously addressing their needs and controlling labour turnover.

•    Ensuring that health and safety objectives are integrated into management systems at all levels.

•    Non discrimination in all aspects (includes a well elaborated HIV/AIDS policy).

In a world which gets smaller with each technological discovery, corporations which are focused on staying viable must continually expand their horizons and excel at their operations. Roofings Group is focused on becoming one of the leading players in its industry by setting standards of excellence over and over again.

We strengthen the homes that shelter the nation.
We strengthen everything that strengthens the nation.

  • We strengthen the schools that educate the nation.
  • We strengthen the offices that develop the nation.

We strengthen the industries that build the nation.
We strengthen the farms that feed the nation.

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