Roofings Poly Pipes

Roofings Poly Pipes is located on the expansive Roofings complex in Lubowa

And specifically designed for the production of PVC and HDPE pipes of various dimensions and PVC fittings used in plumbing, drainage management and in electrical installations.

When commissioned, this plant will offer PVC and HDPE pipes ranging from 20mm to 200mm in diameter and relevant fittings conforming to DIN 8062:1988, UNBS and ISO international standards. It will have 4 extrusion lines each capable of producing a total of 240 bags per hour.

A polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe is made from a plastic and vinyl combination material. The pipes are durable, hard to damage, and long lasting. A PVC pipe does not rust, rot, or wear over time. For that reason, PVC piping is most commonly used in water systems, underground wiring, and sewer lines.

Due to the ability of PVC pipe to withstand extreme movement and bending, it is also increasingly used in earthquake prone areas. PVC pipe can withstand the rigorous shaking of the earth without experiencing any damage.

The smooth surface of the PVC pipe is also resistant to bacterial contamination, such as E. coli. Therefore, many water companies rely on PVC pipe in their systems in order to keep them free of contamination.

PVC is commonly used as the insulation on electric wires; the plastic used for this purpose needs to be plasticized.

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