Core Principles

Core principles of Roofings’ Management:

Our operations are governed under these core business principles which are mandatory for all employees:

1) Producing quality products at competitive prices.

2) Promoting honesty, integrity and ethical work practices.

3) Strive for effectiveness and efficiency in all operations

4) Receptive to modern technology

5) Sensitizing staff on quality matters and encouraging personal growth and creativity.

6) Management and reduction of all forms of waste.

7) Prevention of injury, ill health, pollution and promotion of environmental conservation.

8) Commitment to comply with applicable laws and other regulatory requirements.

9) Continuous improvements.

We strengthen the homes that shelter the nation.
We strengthen everything that strengthens the nation.

  • We strengthen the schools that educate the nation.
  • We strengthen the offices that develop the nation.

We strengthen the industries that build the nation.
We strengthen the farms that feed the nation.

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