Community work is perhaps the most recognizable form of corporate citizenship, because it is done out where everybody can see and for real people with real needs. However, Roofings Group approach to community citizenship bases not simply on our local community positioning but also on influence wielded as one of the leading manufacturing corporations in the entire region.
Roofings Group Supports: We pledge to continue promoting the reading culture to cover the entire country.

Countless numbers of people rely on us for their livelihood in many different ways: Thousands of these are direct employees of Roofings Group, working at production facilities, in administrative and maintenance positions and at sales outlets. Thousands more are traders nationwide who depend on our productivity to furnish their customers with building products.

The communities in our vicinity look up to us for leadership, direction and sustained access to amenities like electricity and water; even soliciting and receiving  financial facilitation and health care.

Roofings Rolling Mills Supported a community school at Namanve Industrial Park

In the business community we are looked upon as role models, to set the example for other corporations within our industry and the economy at large. We can boldly state that in 2009-2010, Roofings Group was ranked by Uganda Revenue Authority as the number one tax payer in the steel sector and 16th overall after the oil, beverage and telecom companies. By promptly paying our utility and tax bills, we contribute to the effective governance and running of Uganda’s infrastructural and service provision agenda.

Community health: The ideal of community health has been pursued through various projects.
•   We have carried out health fairs both in Lubowa and Namanve for HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, Malaria prevention, Blood pressure, Diabetes and eye tests.
•   In 2008, we organized a blood donation initiative which Nakasero blood bank which has since been recognized as their highest ever collection.
•  Along with Standard chartered Bank, we held a nationwide campaign to Fight malaria and correct eye sight, under the theme ‘SEEING IS BELIEVING’. Over 400 million shillings was raised and 5023 were operated country wide and their restored out of over 10,000 diagnosed/screened and treated.
•  We worked with Rotaract club of Uganda to organize and run the Mulago School of the deaf project.
•  For all these projects, we work in partnership with relevant professionals from African Air Rescue (AAR), Healthcare Initiatives for the Private Sector (HIPS), Joint Clinic Research Centre (JCRC), Mild May, Lubowa police and the community. 

Education: Education in its various forms takes high precedence on our priority list. We facilitate training for our work force to equip them with the necessary skills to stay competitive in the job market, as well as for  members of the local community to enable them obtain enough qualification to get work at  Roofings.
We have consistently worked with local schools, organizing guided tours for  students, making financial contributions towards sustainable school projects and facilitating social programs such as International School of Uganda’s ‘Family runs’ over the years.

Housing: It is impossible for anyone to reach full productivity without access to the basics of life; food, clothing and shelter. Upon this truth, we got together Habitat for Humanity for the ‘BUILD FOR LIFE’ project in Ttakajunge Mukono through which free housing was provided for needy citizens.
Sports: Sports play an important role in the economy of nations. They are a means of livelihood, can be used to impart key life lessons, are for entertainment and relaxation, they bond individuals, communities and nations, and shape identity individual, communal, corporate and national identity.

We respect and uphold the value of the various sports in which our communities are involved and do our best to participate and encourage them through sponsorship or direct participation.
•  We regularly contribute to the annual MTN marathon, The source of the Nile Hared marathon in Jinja and the ISU family runs.
• We have encouraged the sport of badminton by sponsoring the annual Uganda Badminton Association tournament which was named the ‘Roofings Open Badminton Championship in our honor.
• We support the Ladies of Uganda Golf Club in their efforts to promote their sport and serve their group activities.

•  We have helped support the Kampala Kids League, which regularly travels abroad to participate in international  tourneys and very proudly represent s Uganda in doing so.We also finance teams from tertiary institutions like Makerere, Kyambogo and Nkumba universities.
•  Roofings Group is a bonified member of the corporate league, with our own football team playing in the corporate league season. Indeed we have made financial contributions to the sustained running of this league, as it encourages the fitness habit and is a way for corporations to liaise in a relaxed atmosphere.

The business community: Our performance in the economy has privileged us with the opportunity to make relevant calls that affect the way business in general gets done. Others in the industry and compatriots in the business world actively seek our guidance and help on matters of urgency and communal benefit.

•  We sponsor and participate in business initiatives, workshops and fairs such as The Private Sector Foundation of Uganda’s International Trade Fair Exhibition (2010), Buy Ugandan Campaign (2007) and Uganda Manufacturers Association’s annual Uganda International Trade Fair. Such projects help to foster a sense of forward thinking purposefulness amongst manufacturers and service providers.
•  Roofings Group strives to adhere to whatever quality standards are set by relevant authorities in particular, Uganda National Bureau of Statistics.  B y promoting quality, we hope that our example is reciprocated throughout by them that look up to us.

Emergency aid in Bududa: For some odd reason, natural calamities are prone to occur amongst communities with the least means to guard themselves or recover sufficiently. In Bududa, Eastern Uganda, landslides resulting from severe rainfall wiped out entire village settlements, causing mass destruction of life and property, leaving the survivors destitute, and in acute need.  We participated in the Bududa relief initiative by giving 10,000 kg of rice for food and 20,000 seedlings for planting (which was handed to the Prime minister’s office).

We strengthen the homes that shelter the nation.
We strengthen everything that strengthens the nation.

  • We strengthen the schools that educate the nation.
  • We strengthen the offices that develop the nation.

We strengthen the industries that build the nation.
We strengthen the farms that feed the nation.

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