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We hold our work force in very high regard and go to great lengths to make every employee of the Roofings Group feel like they belong with us, treating them with dignity and respect.

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Without their creative minds, dedication and hard work we would struggle to meet our corporate objectives. We therefore strive to provide them with a safe, hazard free working environment and encourage them through various methods to sustain and protect their individual health at all times.

We aim to make Roofings Group the safest place to work anywhere. A lot of investment goes into achieving this ideal; purchasing safety equipment, installment of emergency gear and equipping the work force with skills to guard themselves against danger.


Working with heavy machinery at highly charged energy levels and using potentially harmful chemical components exposes people to serious health and safety risks. Therefore, the importance of safety guidelines, standards and policies can never be overstated. Each individual’s health and safety comes before any other consideration in our management.

Through standard safety policy implementation, we have succeeded in curbing the incidence of serious accidents at our production units and practically very little happens to put anyone at serious risk.

We are implementing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) as part of our risk management strategy to address changing legislation and protect our workforce: ( Go to: OHSAS ISO 18001:2007)

The following key areas are addressed by OHSAS 18001:

•    Planning for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control

•    OHSAS management programme

•    Structure and responsibility

•    Training, awareness and competence

•    Consultation and communication

•    Operational control

•    Emergency preparedness and response

•    Performance measuring, monitoring and improvement

Safety policy: Put on display for everyone to read.

Safety gear: items like gloves, helmets, coveralls, boots, ear muffs and ear plugs are supplied wherever they are required. In our case, noisy sections like nails and corrugation units create more than permissible noise levels (91.8 dB). People working in these sections must protect their ears, or else risk losing part of their hearing. We don’t allow anyone to work their without adequate protection.

Training: We provide basic training in Emergency fire fighting, First aid and for Peer educators who lead fellow workers and help transmit vital information from top to bottom.

Fire safety: In case of a fire outbreak, we have fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, emergency exits and designated assembly points.

The clinic: To deal with emergency and ordinary accident reports, we have a well stocked clinic on the premises, serviced with a full time clinic officer, a full time nurse, a visiting lab technician and visiting doctor.  The clinic also caters  for the simple medical needs of the work force as they go about their daily duties.

Serious cases are immediately referred to Nsambya Hospital for advanced analysis.

Insurance: Each employee is guaranteed of insurance in case risk is incurred, under the ‘Workman’s compensation policy’ and receives medical cover of up to 300,000 Ugandan shillings annually. With rare exceptions, this is adequate to cover their medical bills.

At regular intervals, we conduct on job medical check ups designed to maintain a workforce that is always fit enough to handle the rigors of the job.


There’s little point in securing our work force’s safety and health indoors only for them to step out and live wild, reckless lives. Overindulgence in vice and reckless behavior places entire populations at risk of contracting infections which could reduce productivity and eventually result in loss of life. This must be dealt with drastically.

Uganda has frequently been hailed for successfully reversing the HIV/AIDS trend; in fact, the first nation in the world to do so. Such progress was achieved through fighting stigma and bringing the subject of this disease out in the open. But HIV is not the only threat to the health of our people. Each year, malaria alone still kills more people in tropical climates than any other disease.

We have initiated a whole course of programs designed to reach out to individuals concerning their own health and safety even outside the work place.  We run clinics for HIV testing and sensitization, blood donation and disease prevention on the premises. In this, we are helped by designated peer educators who are leaders among the other workers and who effectively have the mandate and capacity to transmit vital knowledge across the board.

We strengthen the homes that shelter the nation.
We strengthen everything that strengthens the nation.

  • We strengthen the schools that educate the nation.
  • We strengthen the offices that develop the nation.

We strengthen the industries that build the nation.
We strengthen the farms that feed the nation.

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